imagine a Fairy Tail space exploration/star trek AU where

  • the guild goes to all these planets and destroys the delicate balance of society there by accident
  • they get into space battles with dark guild’s ships
  • Happy and Charle discover their home planet of Extalia
  • they always get in trouble with the magic council federation 
  • all the dragon slayers get motion sickness when they go to warp

moral of todays story: never let me draw ft AUs anymore






Like father, like son.

imagine a Fairy Tail space exploration/star trek AU where

Like father, like son


"Theories by Glenda"

my reaction to that chapter was literally “ha ha ha WHAT


 Because it's something only you can do. Make me proud, Natsu !!!


There, did it~

It’s quite alright, considering my pc broke and I lost SAI so I had to get firealpaca on my Mac.. My first time using that program and it was so confusing ;-; Gotta practise some more

Dunno if I like this or the original more

You Are All Surrounded

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the best intro song :D